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Used Mustang

A: You should have checked the car before you bought it but since it seems you already own it, here is a list of things to look for.

1. Check the condition of all the fluid levels. These fluids include:
A: Coolant- Check when engine is cool. It should be about 1″from the top. The radiator cap should also be in good condition because it has to seal well.
B: Oil- It should be checked for both quality and quantity.
C: Brake Fluid- Don’t let dirt in the system and it should be filled to the full mark.
D: Power Steering- Same as Brake Fluid.
E: Window Cleaner
F: Transmission Fluid- If it is auto then check it with a dipstick and look for traces of dirt and metal (gray colored fluid) If it it a Manual transmission then it used ATF as well and there is a fill and drain [lug on the side of the transmission. There is no dipstick.

The next thing to check is the serpentine belt. Check it for glossy or cracked ribs. If the belt is worn or cracked, replace it.

Then check the brake pads and rotors for wear. They normally squeal when the metal indicator is letting you know it’s really thin.

Check the tires for worn tread and raised portions (eggs) on the sidewall.

Check the condition of the vacuum hoses. The smallest crack or hole can hurt the performance of your car.

Check the spark plugs for excessive wear as well as the distributor cap and wires.

Check for cracked or broken wires in the engine compartment.

Check for water leaks around the heads, radiator and water pump.

Check for exhaust leaks. Also check for smoky exhaust. Black is oil, Grey/blue is excess fuel and white is water.

Inspect the suspension. If the ride is bouncy and uncomfortable, have it checked.

Replace the fuel filter and check the air filter.

Take the car for a drive. At 15-20 mph let the steering wheel go on a straight and flat road. If the car veers to a certain side then have the alignment checked. Then go to a parking lot. turn full left and right in a circle. This will tell you if you have a bad cv joint if it clicks. Play in the steering wheel is a sign of a worn rag joint or steering shaft.

If you have the tools and knowledge, then you can use a timing light to check the ignition timing. Ford sets it at 10 degrees from the factory.
You can use a compression tester with the engine off but warm and throttle open. This will tell you how well the cylinders are sealing.
You can also use a cooling system tester to tell if the head gaskets are blown or if there is a crack in either the block or heads, radiator or anywhere else in the system.

Q: How Many Miles Is Too Many For A Used Mustang ?
I am looking to buy a 1999 – 2005 Ford Mustang. I am looking at the used Mustangs & most of them have about 100K miles on it . Is that good or Bad ?

A: For normal wear and tear, 12,000 miles per year on average. The ones you are looking at are between 2 and 8 years old. This is a little high. As long as the asking price is not too high, it would be OK. But I would not pay top dollar for a car this new with over 100,000 miles on it.

Q: things to check before buying a used mustang tranny?
hi…i want to buy a used mustang transmission. Can you let me know what r the things i should check for to make sure i get a good tranny? if the seller says that the tranny has only 20k miles on it, how would i be able to check that? please help me
its an automatic…would it make any difference?

A: Manual or automatic? You will just have to take his word on the mileage.——–If its been taking out of the car,the only thing you can do is look for signs of leakage,the condition of the fluid and take the pan off and look for ground metal or clutch material or any thing else. There is no way to know for sure.

Q: Does anybody know where to find a used Mustang GT (any year before 1998) that i can buy?
I want a mustang gt when im older, but i cant afford a new year or not used. So i need to know where to find older models.

A: best place for older model cars is going to be the local paper, the car trader magazines, and of course, EBay Autos. I would be very careful about buying a car sight unseen- take someone along with you who knows cars, and knows what to look for, because cars over 10 years old, and especially high performance cars like the Mustang GT can look great on the outside, but hide a great deal of mechanical misdeeds on the inside. Look before you leap.

Q: Can I find a find a used older mustang GT for under 4 grand?
I want a first time car probably sometime next year when I turn 18 and get my license. I’m currently looking for a part time job to save up to buy one. By that time around next year, I would probably have about 4,000 bucks. I want to buy a used mustang GT. Not a new one, maybe like a 87-93 year. I don’t care if it has high mileage or not LOL

A: You should be able to get a mid to late 80’s Mustang GT with around 100k miles for $4k. Theres tons of them out there just pick your color and try to read up on how to fix it now so you can do the maintnence yourself and know how to pick a good one out when your looking.
check out and when your ready

Q: what to look for when buying a used mustang gt?
Im thinking about buying a mustang really soon. we’ve called the insurance companies and got the price down really low. i got a summer job and saved up 8 grand. my dad plans on paying a little also. But I think my budget is going to be 12,000. But 12 is the highest and last resort. I’ve seen mustang Gt’s under 10 for around 48,000 miles to 98,000. im keeping a close eye on 10 mustangs right now on autotrader. but If i was to get one with 98,000 on it would that last me. i hear its how the owner took care of it not how many miles it has. Is this true? or should i just wait and find a good one with lower miles and just pay around 10 grand or a little higher. i want the car to last me a while. i dont mind doing some work on it if it needs some but not major problems. im looking at 1999-2002 mustang Gt’s. What should i look for when buying one. what are things i should look out for?

A: First off, buy the lowest mileage you can. Figure about 12000 less miles is another year of use with the vehicle. Don’t listen to these people here telling you to buy something else, buy the kind of car you like. GTs usually see a little harder use and abuse than their 6 cylinder companions. Check under the car, make sure there are no signs of rust, and make sure nothing under the car looks damaged. Check the gaps around the doors and hood when they are closed, make sure they are all pretty uniform. A twisted unibody, which could result from very hard driving or racing, will show a bit here. Make sure the car has had no major accidents. Get a carfax if you can on the vehicle, it’ll give you some history and anything of major concern. Take it for a test drive, on various road surfaces, smooth and rough, make sure the handling is okay, it doesn’t pull to one side or other, does not make any unusual sounds. The Mustang GT with the 4.6 is a very good car, one that will make you very happy. Try not to buy a car that needs work, a car needing a bit of work could mean that it was neglected and not cared for properly. There are lots of GTs out there, do not settle for the first one you see. Wait for the color and options that you want. Good luck in your search for a GT.

Q: How much does an used mustang shelby 1966 cost?
I need the price please! AN USED ONE!

A: All the 1966 Shelby’s are used. Just how used do you want it?

A nice used driver will list around $40,000 to $60,000. Then they go up from there. Up to $200,000.

With some hard searching you may be able to get a basket case for $10K with a whole bunch of missing EXPENSIVE pieces.

These are NOT cheap cars and to think you can find one is optimistic — very optimistic.

Good luck on your search.

Q: Tips on buying a 2005+ used Mustang Convertible V6 or V8?
I am looking to buy my dream car – a Mustang Convertible. I’m no car expert and have been used to driving standard family cars. Will it be dangerous for me to get a V8 GT version? What do I need to watch out for when buying a 2005 to 2008 used Mustand?

A: No, it’s not more dangerous, as long as you watch it on wet roads. The GT has a lot of power and torque, with not much weight over the drive wheels, and it’s easier to break loose and lose traction on a wet road. On icy roads, you have to be really careful.

Q: What is the usual down payment on a 2000-2004 used mustang coupe?
the usual price on carmax or bluebook is about 8,500- 10,000 im looking to get a loan and make monthly payments but im not sure how all that works. how much would i pay a month, how much will the down payment be?

ps: What is a good used car that i will get my moneys worth? 10,000 or less

A: Mustangs are good but it depends on your credit as far as down payment and monthly payment.

If you are a first time buyer then you are looking at a high interest loan as well as a larger down payment.

If you have good credit and have financed an auto before your payment and down payment would be considerably lower.

Heres a rough estimate for you

10k dollar car
adds roughly 10-11 percent

first time buyer with $2000 down

you are looking at roushly 22% interest

+ $ 1,000.00 tax lic
=236.21 for 66 months

Q: What’s a good amount of mileage to buy a used Mustang with?
I’m 16 and interested in the convertible. My limit if up to 12 K and it fits it. Also what other cute convertibles are under 12 K?

A: The standard answer is 15-20,000 miles per year, so a 2004 would have 75,000-100,000 miles….you should also look for a car that has been well maintained, and driven by an adult….
Chrysler Sebring has a nice convertible, but some have had trans problems, check the carfax for that….

Q: Do anyone Know a website that sell mustang engines new and used?
I’m Loooking for a site where I can find new or used mustang parts

A: Ebay?

Q: How much does a used old 1966 mustang shelby cost?
I wanna know how much would a mustang shelby 1966 used cost! pleaseeee!


Q: What year is the mustang used in the Outsiders movie?
I’m doing a project for school and I’m trying to draw a mustang to represent the Socs but I don’t know what year it is so I don’t know where to find a picture.

A: 64 mustang

Q: How much will a used mustang (nothing special, just v6 engine) cost in2012?
im a freshmen and i want a 07 mustang

A: Dude you’re thinking light years ahead of time, let me do the math 2012-2009=5 just look for 5 year old mustangs now and see what they go for, the price of the mustang in 2012 should be somewhere within those number

Q: A good place to find a used V8 mustang engine?
I’m looking to do an engine swap and am interested in buying a used v8 mustang engine and rebuilding it. I just need a good place to find one

A: CraigsList.

You can limit the searches down to your area. A very very popular site to sell cars and car parts.

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