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Cheap SUV for sale

A: You’re in for a long, hard search. “Cash for Clunkers” literally destroyed about 1/2 million of the exact kind of vehicle you’re looking for; and with gas prices having considerably fallen and people hanging-on to their vehicles during the unstable economic environment, there’s no longer the groundswell among large SUV owners to be rid of them. In fact, the trend is to he opposite and makers are adding shifts to their large SUV facilities to meet demand for new ones.

Your best bet will be to monitor and sites like eBay and craigslist and pay attention to whatever may become available in your area at any particular time. There aren’t bound to be many, so being prepared to act quickly is going to be as or more important as anything else.

Incidentally, Yahoo Answers isn’t intended to be a classified ad.

Best of luck. I hope this helps.

Q: SUV for sale help please?
i am looking for a cheap suv for
0-2000 dollars if you guys can help me that would be great.

A: Check local car dealers or Autotrader online is a great website,.

Q: Do you know where i can find cheap second hand cars for sale in metro manila?
Looking for used SUV, Direct buyer po ako.
Not older than 2002 model

Around P350,000

Preferred Models:
Toyota Hilux
” Revo
Isuzu Crosswind

A: try kamagong san antonio village. along pasong tamo in makati city

Q: Do you know where i can find cheap second hand cars for sale in metro manila, Philippines?
Looking for used SUV, Direct buyer po ako.
Not older than 2002 model

Around P350,000

Preferred Models:
Toyota Hilux
” Revo
Isuzu Crosswind

A: That’s easy buy you can buy a buy and sell magazine. You’ll have a lot of choices and you can ask by calling them for the history of those models you are interested in.

Q: what is the most reliable american used truck or SUV?
i’m thinking of buying a cheap truck or SUV, which cost around 3000$
i know there SUVs and trucks for sale from 1995 to 99 for such a price
i have seen many Ford trucks and SUVs as well as chevys and Doges with mileage higher than 100000
can somebody give me some good info about these kind of trucks and SUVs with such mileage?

A: Go for an F-150 from a private owner that has taken care of it and has maintenance records.

Q: Is their anyone out there that could help me find a 00′+ SUV for cheap?
I was in sales and my company has down sized and had to let me go and I drove a company car for four years. Now I do not have a car to drive. Where I live, I need a car to get around so I can find a new job.
So if their is someone out there that is willing to help I’m in ORLANDO, fL.. Thank you and God Bless you

A: Forget about the SUV. You sure are cute.

Q: HELP! I need a good, cheap, reliable vehicle!!?
At this point in time, it doesnt matter what style (truck, suv, van, or car) I need a cheap vehicle that still looks good, gets good gas mileage, and hardly needs money sunk into it. Can anyone tell me where i might find a vehicle for under $4000 that I can hull around my family in. Also, does anyone know of any car auctions that are open to the public near Kalamazoo, MI. I would also be interested in any websites showing actual cheap cars for sale if anyone knows of any. Thanks for your time!!

A: Over the years, the public has set the Accord/Camry on a really high pedestal (not for any especially good reason), and so they cost alot more to buy used than they should. My 1996 Olds Cutlass Ciera cost $1000 a little more than a year ago. I’ve put a lot of miles on that car, even driven it 9 hours to Jacksonville, FL. I know it will last me many more years. I would suggest a 1995-1996 Cutlass Ciera or a 1995-2000 Buick Century (which was the same as the Olds in ‘95 and ‘96).
Very Reliable
Good gas mileage(I got 29 mpg on the Jacksonville trip, with the AC on and going 85 mph)
Cost thousands less than Accord/Camry w/ same mileage and year
REALLY cheap insurance(mine is only $400/yr. and I am 16)
Just about the easiest cars to work on, with the cheapest and easiest to find parts.

They aren’t exciting. They aren’t slow, but many would find them boring

But I’m happy with mine. Great car.
My advice as to where you can find such a car: Craigslist, if it’s big in your area.
And as they will always tell you, get a mechanic you trust to look at it. That is the most important part of the whole process.

Q: i am buying a new car and it is a cross between a kia sportage and a hyundai tucsan?
i had the unfortunate pleasure of being in a accident with my 2005 jeep liberty. we loved the car and it was totalled buy another driver. the safety features worked perfect, we walked away. but here in nj, by law we have to have insurance and it does not cover any extras you put on a car and any fees you pay for a new car( ex. state sales tax, nj tire tax etc…) therefore i must purchase a cheaper suv. at the time i purchased my jeep at 0% interest . i am loosing about $1100. in taxs and fees in which we are stuck paying again for somebody elses fault and nothing we can do about it( i consulted with a lawyer) anyway looking for a low cost 2wd suv any ideas would be great thanks

A: it is the exact same car. Hyundai bought Kia in 2000.

so one or the other, no difference, go for the best price you can get.

Hyundai are now very good vehicles with a nice warranty. Don’t worry about buying one.
It’s a very good bang for the buck.

The interior design is very elegant, they handle well, the look has nothing to be ashamed of.

On the cons, the 4cyl is not that powerful (140hp) and the standard tires aren’t that great.

Compared to the liberty you will lose a bit of cargo space.
the towing capacity is about 1/3 less even with the 6-cyl.
the 6-cyl also has 30 less HP
but because it’s lighter (with the 6-cyl) you will get slightly better acceleration and a top speed higher by about 10mph and better fuel economy.
The Hyundai is even suppose to be more reliable than the liberty.

Stay away from the Suzuki grand vitara. The best choice in this size SUV is the Rav-4.

Q: What is a good cheap cheap car?
I want to buy a car for around 900 dollars,i love geo trackers but cant find one anywhere for sale. what is a good suv or car that would be around 500-900 dollars?

A: It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota… First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car – for example here –

Q: Do you think that the SUV and large car and truck sales were hurt when gas hit $4.00.00 a gallon?
Some say that the car sales were permanently hurt by the greed of the oil companies. Are you afraid to buy a car that is not fuel efficient?
Then there is the fact that the hybrids costs too much.
Are the American auto makers in for more losses? Gas is cheaper now but will it go back to $4.00 or $6.00 a gallon after you buy a big gas guzzling SUV?

A: i work at a chevrolet dealership outside of chicago and when gas prices we at $4/gallon we didn’t see any drop in sales. we specialize in full size suv’s such as suburban, tahoe, & denali’s. we sell 65-75 per month and never skipped a beat! people who want the vehicle’s don’t care what the gas prices are. i’m not saying my situation is the same everywhere, but just letting you know my experience.

bottom line- the people who can afford them and want them are going to buy them regardless of gas prices.

Q: Vehicles 4 sale?!?!?
Hey im looking for a vehicle in the Orlando/Melbourne FL area. Not too old maby 2000ish and up and it can be a car, truck, suv, just not a motorcycle lol. If u have one for sale or know someone who does please do tell. I dont have a huge piggy bank to grab out of so not too much money. Also it would be great to get some web sites to cheap dealerships in my area.
10 points to who ever helps out the most.
Thanks in advanced for anyones input.

A: There are a ton of different ways to locate a good used car dealer in your area. Try looking up some through yahoo or google to see what you can find.

As for some good websites to look on I would recommend a few of the well known ones like: ** here’s the one for Orlando:

These are just some of the better know sites for this info.
Best of luck in your search for that new/used car.

Hope some of this helped a little at least :-)

Q: Registration of SUV imported from Canada?
Okay I’m looking into this SUV.Its a 2006 Outlander and it’s only $2500.I asked the guy why it’s so low and this is what I got back:
“The reason it’s so cheap is i bought it while i was living in Canada and when i moved back here i had it imported. When you import a canadian vehicle into the states it can’t be transfered to another person without proper vehicle registration. Since it’s not doing me any good having a vehicle i can’t legally drive or register i’m selling it. Since it can’t be transfered for sale it has to be sold as a “parts” vehicle. But no, nothings wrong with it at all. I actually miss driving it. If i can get enough out of it to buy me something else to drive i’d be happy. That’s why the price is so low as well.”

Can anyone tell me what this means?Also what all do I have to do to register it and how much it’ll cost. THANKS

A: You have two problems. The suv needs to be inspected and approved for driving. This happens alot when people build cars from all junk yard parts. It may drive good but it is unsafe, or is unsafe in the laws eyes.

Also Canadian spec exhausts are not leagal in the U.S.. You can get cheaper European Cars shipped here because they do not meet American Standards, its called grey market cars.

Q: When is a voluntary car repo your best choice?
I have a client who is upside down on a SUV she can’t afford to keep. She knows she’s liable for any remainder after the auction or sale of the car and that this will be on her credit report for 7 years. She says she already knows where she can get a cheaper car. Do you agree that this is the best way for her to go?

A: Go to and see what he has to say about that. If the car is sold outright by her she will KNOW how much it will bring. At repo the car is auctioned off and the price it goes for is very low. She is far better off selling it herself and taking out a loan for the upside down amount. Dave Ramsey has the proven method of becoming debt free. The books can be taken out at the library so even the education is free.

Q: I’m planning to buy a SUV’s?
Hello everybody.
I’m living in Utah. It has 5 months winter. Then, I’m planning to get a good SUV’s to manage that. I’m confusing to choose between Toyoyta FJ Cruiser’s and Honda Pilot. Please give me some opinions about these cars. Some of my friends asked me to get a Infiniti G35x but it’s not cheap to do mantenance.
One more question for people who living in Saltlake,UT.
Does anybody know about Rand’s Auto Sales? this is a owner dealer. They sell cars with really fair prices and all their cars are clean title and clean carfax. I’m thinkin’ about that.
Please let me know if you guys have any experiences about this dealer or these cars above.
Thank you so much for helping me.
Nice day guys.

A: Any FWD car should brave said weather, though an AWD passenger car would do even better. I suggest you give Subarus a good look; they’re very reliable, made almost entirely of Japanese internals, and have AWD across the board. If you wanted an SUV for storage reasons, note that Subaru makes wagon models and a small SUV. These marque seems to be very popular in snowy areas, sort of like the old AMC Eagle AWDs.

Q: Selling a Car on Craig’ Who gets it. First person or highest bidder.?
last night i put an SUV up for sale on i put a pretty cheap price on it because i was worried no one would want it and we need to get rid of it.

i got a lot more interest in it than i thought and i emailed them all tonight telling them they could come by to see it tomorrow.

this is my question: since 5 people want to see it and are interested, do i sell to the first person who offers my price or do I wait till everyone sees it and see if i can get more for the SUV by asking them to bid on it?

i can see how they each might feel i am lying about the others just to get a higher price than i advertised.

i can also see how someone would be mad if he asked to see it and he didn’t get a chance because someone else got here first.

i really want to do the right thing and will be satisfied to get the price i asked for.

A: The honest thing to do would be to accept the first cash offer of what you asked for it. If you try and get the people into a bidding war they will walk away. Greed is like karma…it will come back to bite you.

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